Founder: Tonya D Walker-Taylor, MQN, ML

Welcome here. Mamafoo has been in Spiritual Angel School for a solid 4 years and shares her journey here for you. She combines the Four Corners of the World in Spirituality and stands in the Fifth Elemental Bridge of the Lightworker Era. Mamafoo honors all paths to God and will boldly tell you, the Kingdom of Heaven is within YOU and has witnessed this herself numerous time. The BOOK OF LIFE is OPEN. The Holy Grail of your Infinence is here now. A Master Quantum Numerologist who has a huge Voice in the Era of our NOW, a Unified Dream of Tenderness and a Master Lightworker who is BOLD in being an Architect of Tender Light Building in Love and Grace upon this Earth!

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Founder of the Lightworker and Empath Support Community with over 21,000 members. Sharing our love, grace, light and tenderness to light the way. Founder of Mamafoo The Lightworker, Footprints To Green and Cheerleader for a Unified Movement of Global Unison in Spirituality.

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Mamafoos Twin Flame, Jack

Spiritual Nickname: Obsidian

Two people who have been sharing a vast and multi-dimensional love story of the vessel, spirit and soul. As we have awakened we reach new heights of experience in joy and love, in truth and powerful FAITH. We stand united in a Global Change for Tenderness.

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Holy Matriarchal Mother: Gaia

A Voice

As we rise up into our divinity, as the Holy Spirit pours it's elixirs upon this planet, much is being witnessed today. We are all connected by a life force and God is in all things great and small, planet and universe. Scientifically Proven Today!

RECENT PUBLICATIONS: Prophecy, Teachings, Visions and Sharing the JOURNEY

Educate yourself on the 12 Holy Gateways of YOU, Metatronic Light Body, Akashic Arc Kingdoms and DNA Familial Heritage Energy that can be healed. We all have a unique Fingerprint of God and Gaia and we share this world with all who have walked it! When you are Empathic, you have entered your Awakening where you and your Light work together. Energy is ALL!

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